Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Scribe Post (Alvin G.) Oct. 09, 2007

Hey guys, this is Alvin. Nothing much has happened today, basically it was a review class and everyone seems to get it, but even thought I'll give a quick overview on how we solved the problems! Isn't this exciting?

Reminder to self;
-use pretty colours.
-use big fonts with pretty colours.

First off: What is the 'Wall of Fame'?

*What is the Wall of Fame and how can we be a Wall of Famer?

Characters in the image are brought to you by Potter Puppet Pals. http://www.potterpuppetpals.com/

Now For the overview of the review questions! *Yay!
Selfish me;
Now for the homework question of the multiple tangent lines. The main issue that I did not understand at all was...

Nice job Jordan!

...why are the points 1 and -1 joined together by the blue line?

Well that little dillemna was solved by talking to some of our beloved classmates, and the explanation was;

"because multiples of pi is where the asymptotes are then the new line must intercept multiples of pi/2 (Pi divided by 2) because the points have to connect. Another known point for sure is a and -1. Because the reciprocals are the same."


*Absolute value graphs? What are they, and how can we graph em?

Well, to say it plain in easy; Whatever is under the X-axis you 'reflect' it over the X-axis like so;

Finally: Who is Maria Gaetana Agnesi?

Her biography is right in this link down here;

Closing thoughts;

Like I said, there was nothing new today, it was mostly about reviews. If my post did not help you understand anything at all. Please refrain to the posts of our other beloved classmates who have covered the spacific topic that you are having troubles with. God bless and gnite ya'll.

The next scribe will be Surgio.

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- - Ecko Montana !! - - said...

"known point for sure is a and -1"??
I was gonna say that your post was awesome but because of your multiple spelling mistakes, I'm not voting for your's so don't count this as a vote Mr. K!! haha just clownin'.. definately a good scribe post, despite grammar. I vote this scribe post to be in the Hall of Fame!