Wednesday, October 17, 2007


My quiz yesterday was horrible. I completely blew the quiz. Once I saw the one over the equations my mind went blank. Everything about that escaped my mind. At least it was on a quiz, not the test. Now I have to remember that 1/x means it is the reciprocal. If it's smallering then the reciprocal is biggering. Also that when we graph those we always look for the points at 1 and -1. I believe they were called invariant points. Then draw the asentopes(spelling error) where y=0. Now that that is cleared up, I'd have to say that my most muddiest point is trying to fully comprehend the word problems. Sometimes when I read them I don't really know what its asking me to do. Other than that I'll just have to practice a bit of questions from the exercises and I hope I'll do good on the test.

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