Thursday, October 18, 2007


hey, okay here's is my blogging on blogging. For this unit i didn't have that much problems with understanding the concepts. For the first couple classes i didn't understand the inverse graphs or what was an even graph and what was an odd graph. I found out, by asking classmates, that the inverse of a function is just a reflection over x=y. So you simply let the y coordinates equal the x coordinate and vice versa. When it's odd you just turn it 180 degrees around and that's how it's suppose to look like. But for even functions i rememebered that you let the the x coordinates become negative when you check if it's even. But i'm not certain how you graph it, do you just let the x coordinates become negative and then graph it with the new x and y coordinates? Besides this, i haven't been able to recall any major problems I had during this unit. I always forget to label my scale on quizzes. Oh wait, when you say a function is symmetric does that mean it's like cosine and you can draw a line through the middle and it's the exact same on each side? I remember exercise nine had a couple questions relating to this.. I also had a bit of trouble with the concept of graphing absolute value functions. My moment of clarity has arised but not to it's full potential because i remember on a quiz i blanked and forgot it all. Now I'm worried if i don't understand it fully. I know how to graph the line but when it comes to the second part where you must draw the absolute value i'm lack confidence and i'm unsure. I know that it must equal positive when there are straight brackets around the variable but do you just forget about the negative part on the graph? If that makes any sense I need some help. Other than these few concerns I can't remember any others..

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