Thursday, October 11, 2007

Group 5 : Ferris Wheel Function

As you are waiting in line to ride the Ferris wheel at the state fair, you begin to be hypnotized by the repetitive motion of the seats. The seat is at the bottom; it's halfway up, it's at the top; it's halfway down; it's at the bottom; it's halfway up; it's at the top...

You decide to time the wheel and observe that the ferris wheel makes 4 complete revolutions every minute. You also assume that the diameter of the wheel is 100 feet because a sign beside the wheels says "Climb 100 feet into the sky on our Ferris wheel". However, you note that when you get into a seat, the seat is about 3 feet off the ground, so technically the maximum height of a person would reach would be...?

Max would be 103
Min would be 3
not including the persons height

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Anonymous said...

hey joe!
lol thanks for posting it. everythings good except for one minor mistake. in one of your equations you have -50sin ect. i think it should be positive because if you make it negative then the sin graph would start from the average and go to a min.