Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well I guess I'll begin with my muddiest point(s). I really don’t like word problems. Period. It just throws me off somehow. I know how to do most of the work in this unit, just throw in some more words in the question and I suddenly don’t know what to do. Well that’s not the only thing that bothered me.

The type of word problem we did repeatedly in class with essentially the same questions gave me some constant trouble. Particularly where it asks “For how long…” or “At what time…” You know, the ones where it gives us the Y cord and we need to find the X cord(s). Yeah I don’t know how to completely.

Next I will explain that “moment of clarity” for me. It came with Reciprocal graphs. While I was doing my scribe for it I got some help and “poof”. It was explained to me as to how it worked. After I figured out how they worked I was really happy, because I could finish my scribe post!

On a side note…

Completely forgot how to do the calendar graphs until I seen it today on the review. Particularly the scaling. I know there’s some number system we did for the scale, and we were suppose to start at December something the year before. I don’t know…

Completely forgot about inverse functions until yesterday. Don’t know anything about them much…Switch the x and y cords? Isn't that the reflection in the y=x line? So is an inverse function just that? I don't know...

Having trouble remembering the different Stretches and what not.

One last questoin: How do you do a stretch on a line?

Aside from all that stuff above I think that I'm doing well with the other concepts.

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