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Hi guys!! Sorry for the late post. Anyways here’s what we did in the last day of school before our winter break.
Our morning class start off with the story of Chicken Little. Here’s a link of the original story of Chicken Little.
Anyways after Chicken Little’s story Mr. K asked us this question:

What is the probability that the sky will fall?

He asked us to keep our answers to ourselves, meaning no talking o the people beside, behind or in front of us. Then after a few minutes he asked each of us our answers. Here are the answers given by us:


And as you can see, some of us answered 0/0 and 1/0. Actually I was one of those people who said it for some unexplainable reason. But then he showed us this link explaining why these can’t be the answer to his question(Dr. Math). It explained why cant 0 be the denominator because 0 represents to the number of things could happen and if we have 0, this means there is 0 number of thing that could happen. Mr K told that to us by freezing because if there 0 number of thing that can only happen then we can’t move. For further explanations for this topic about 0/0 and 1/0 being wrong please go to the posted link. Thank you.

Anyways the correct answer 0/some big number.

Then Mr. K told us these vocabularies:

Probability: the branch of mathematics that deals with chance.
Sample Space (Ω): the set of all possible outcomes for a given
"Experiment" represented by capital omega Ω.
Event (E): A subset of the sample space. A particular occurance in a given
Simple Event: The result of an experiment that is carried out in a single
Example: Flip a coin. The result is heads
(a simple event)
Compound Event: The result of an experiment carried out in two (or
more) steps.
Example: 1. Flip a coin and roll a die - 6 .The result is {H,6}
Example 2: Flip a coin twice. The result is {H,T}
Certain Event: an event whose probability is 1
Example: roll a die - 6 and get a result less than 10
Impossible Event: an event whose probability is 0.
Example: roll a die - 6 and get a 7
Complimentary Event: the compliment of E is E':
If P(E) = a then P(E') = 1-a
Example: Given a standard deck of cards, a card is drawn at random.
P(spade) = (13/52) = (1/4)
P (not a spade) = 1 - (1/4) = (3/4)

Probability can be expressed as:
- A ratio
- A fraction
- A decimal
- A percent

And this formula helps expressing probability.



Now we know the basics of probability, it’s time for examples. Here are the examples Mr. K gave us.

~~Determine the sample space when a fair die is rolled.

Answer: 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 are the possible outcome when we roll a die. These numbers are the sample space. Sample space is the list of all the possible outcome of an event.

~~Determine the sample space for rolling die and flipping a coin.


H1...H6 and T1...T6 are the sample space because these are the possible outcome for this event.

**notice the similarity to counting. A table or a tree diagram can help determine the sample space.

~~Determine the probability of rolling a 2 when rolling a fair die.

Answer: 1/6

It is because in a fair die you only have one 2 so out of the six numbers in the die, the possibility we will get 2 is one. So 1 is our numerator and 6 is the denominator because overall these are all the number that we could get including 2.

~~Determine the probability of getting a head and an odd number when rolling a die and flipping a coin.

Using the chart we made earlier we can determine answer


The probability is 3/12 or ¼.
It is because out of the 12 possible answer (h1-h6,t1-t6) the one with head and is an odd number are h1, h3, and h5. So these 3 numbers are our answers out of the 12 possible answers.

Those are the semi easy questions now here comes a next level type.

~~~~A bus is scheduled to arrive at a train station at any time between 07:05 and
07:15 inclusive. A train is scheduled to arrive between 07:11 and 07:17 inclusive. The arrival of a bus at 7:06 and a train at 07:14 can be represented by the ordered pair (6, 14). Times are expressed in whole minutes.

a) Sketch a sample space for this event (use a chart).
b) How many ordered pairs are there in this sample space?
c) How many ordered pairs have the bus and the train arriving at the same time?
d) How many ordered pairs have the train arriving after the bus?
e) What is the probability of the bus arriving after the train?

Bus time are 5...15 (horizontal)
Train time are 11...17 (vertical)



B) 77
C) 5 ordered pairs have the same number. In other words the bus and train arriving time is the same.
D) 62 ordered pairs have the first number less than the second. In other words the bus arrives first than the train.
E) 10/77 is the probability that the train arrive first before the train.

Sigh* I’m finally over. Well I think I covered everything about probability. After our probability lesson in our afternoon class Mr K told us about TED. It’s like a conference for brilliant and I would say wealthy people. And it’s interesting especially the math magician person I forgot how he called himself but he was awesome. He can calculate things faster than a calculator I guess. He was so good. He’s awesome I could say. Anyways that’s all I have to say. Sorry for the late post, I tried using the smartboard thing but it made my computer froze and run slower so I decided to use this method. Uhmm if I missed anything just message me or something so I can fix it. Sigh* finally I’m done, the next scribe will be MICHELLEs.

Have a safe and fun winter break guys and Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Ah okay, this is some last minute blogging before the test. Overall, I found conics to be an okay unit. I didn't really have trouble with it, until we started learning about the hyperbola. I didn't really understand the concept of graphing it, but the exercise from yesterday helped a lot. \goodluck to everyone :)


This is my BOB for the unit, i didn't really find this unit to be challenging, the only real challenging concept is remembering all the different rules and patterns and memorizing them all and which rule goes with each different conic section. That was my muddiest point and other than that i found the rest of the unit to be not that difficult. Well this is my BOB good luck to all.


hello...this unit is not that hard although I don't really like graphing. Some key points did truly helps me in finding the right numbers to plug-in to the variable in which I've been able to make my own equation. I'm just worried about the test cuz I might forgot something like getting the focii which is my muddiest point...anyways..that's all...good luck to us...

Endless BOBB`n

Well, at first it was hard for me to wrap my head around which goes first (y^2 or x^2) for each one for some reason, but I quickly learned. I really don't know what to say, but I think the pre-test was definately a Moment of Clarity when Mr. K showed us how to do question 2 and 5. I think I'll remember those for quite a while now. I hope I don't completely flunk the test tomorrow. Good luck 2 everyone!


uhmm I know a lot of people in our class find this unit easy but I think because I missed almost a week of class I somewhat dont understand most of it escept for the hyperbola one since I was back in class when Mr. K. taught that to us. but the rest like those ellipse and other stuff are most like not clear to me. I would also say that these unit have a lot of terms that cant I cant easily understand. Well anyways, Overall I found this unit hard for some reason. sigh* now i need to go back do my homeworks and study and hopefully past the test tommorow. Good luck everybody.


Bobbing again. This unit was really straightforward. Changing equations from standard form to general form were pretty simple. I was confusing with a and c. The hard thing for me is remembering all the properties.
Hope everyone studied. Good luck on the test! o(∩_∩)o


hello classmates and all viewers. this is a very late bobbing once again. i really dont have much to say but i honestly thought this unit wasn't so bad. the only muddiest point i know and could only think of at this very moment is trying to find the foci's etc. i understand it, but still, my brain isn't quite very sure of the full understanding. i'll end this here so i can go study a little bit more on finding the foci's etc. good night everyone. and for my fellow classmates, good luck on the conics test tomorrow. nighty night. ^_^


Ei guys...Ho ho ho.Merry Christmas!! well, this unit was very straight forward..all we have to do is a little bit of algebra and common sense to solve the problems very easy... I liked this unit because i found it pretty easy from our last unit. Uhm, hope that i will ace the test tomorrow. Whew, i am so tired. I had work then i did my scribe post.. K,GOODLUCK GUYS. Happy holidays again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This unit was not that difficult to understand. For me, its all about reading into the equation. Though the paper folding was time consuming i found it fun because it illustrated this unit a lot. Since i missed the class on hyperbola, that's the one i'm somewhat confused about. I'm thankful for the group discussions and for the review questions on the blog because it helped me practice. Well i wish every luck for the test tomorrow...

December 18, 2007 Blog

Here's my long overdue blog


The conics unit went by pretty quick. We played with paper a lot i liked that. I had fun trying to wish Educational Blogging a happy tenth birthday. I found things in the unit straight forward. The only difficulty i had was remembering which formulas go with which and changing from the general form into standard form. I attempted all the work in class, had to because i only did one exercise for homework, which is bad. Well it's getting late, i hope everyone studied and good luck to you all.


Conics BOB

Alrighty, another unit done. I thought this unit wasn't as hard as the previous ones. I had trouble finding the asymptotes for the hyperbolas and the '4p' part in the equation of a parabola. But now I'm getting the hang of it. The rest of the things weren't that hard. The paper folding... I had some trouble with that. My dot's where slightly off and my numbers weren't what they were suppose to be, but it was close. That's pretty much it for this unit... Happy studying! =D


Hello everyone! It`s time for blogging again. I must stay that this unit is the easiest of `em all. I guess I understand the terms and properties of each `shapes`. The hard part would probably be the problem solving. Anyways, that`s all I have to say. Good Luck to everyone! Hope we all do well!

Advance Merry Christmas!

BOB - Conics

I found it to be very helpful to have those classes where we took the pieces of paper and created the hyperbola's, elipses, parabola's. It created a clearer perspective for me and I was able to see the patterns and connections almost right away. The only problem I've had was with the equations. I wasn't able to remember what the numbers represented. But I think I'll be able to figure it out after I do some questions for practice.

Hope everyone is ready for this test!
Good luck, and happy studying!

Blahging on Blahging

Okay fine I admit it, this unit was pretty simple, but when I face my mark for this test a month from now, I will beat myself for saying that, I'm going to do bad on this test. Aside from my premonition I liked folding, twas fun. I used to have problems with where 'A' goes on which side, or under which variable, same with 'B'. Converting to Standard Form, and General Form is pretty simple. Eghh good luck to me tomorrow.



Tiiiiime for B.O.B.'in. I found that this unit was ridiculously hard and immensley tedious. Anything that deals with shapes is beyond boring for me. My muddiest points were dealing with ellipses as well as comprehending the math terms for the whole unit. What I liked best about this unit were the simple mathematical calculations involved, such as the pythagorean theorem.

Good luck to everybody tomorrow! Study hard.

Conics BoB

This was definitely not as troublesome as some of the other units, although I still had my troubles. This unit was also really short, or so it seemed. Anyways on to the real BoB.

So we learned about three shapes, four if you count the circle, but I honestly don't remember anything about it other than one or two things. How for the rest of the shapes... Parabola, Ellipse, and Hyperbola. These all had a lot of little things we needed to know to get through a problem. Sort of like a puzzle...

I KNOW that I am going to forget one or two of them and there goes my marks. Whether it be with the algebra or with the graph, its going to happen. These little things are going to destroy me...I know it.

Reviewing a bit I think that I I'm having more trouble with reading the graphs. Just having trouble remembering the...well everything. So thats about it i guess.

Well I should get back to studying, as should all of you. Good luck with the test.


Here we are again all too soon. Too, too soon.
Conics wasn't the worse unit I suppose, but I still worry a little about it. I can't seem to grasp the properties of the shapes. It's just one of those things. I mean I did have my problems with the darn circle last year and this is just the same. I don't really like fractions either... so when I see those, it's not good.
I know how to differentiate the shapes though so I supoose that's not too bad. I guess what I have to worry about is solving the problems because I think I can at least convert an equation from general form to standard form. Actually, the properties of the different shapes aren't that difficult. I guess it's the fact that there ARE different shapes that has my head spinning.
I have no confidence in this class. Well, maybe just a glimmer, but that's it!
I'm feeling tres uneasy right now, but I hope some studying tonight will help.
Sometimes I feel like these "group workshops" don't help me because I feel better trying to do it on my own, but sometimes it it benefits me because it answers questions I don't think to ask.
Well let's hope I do well. The last two tests weren't so bad (I think!) so hopefully this won't be too bad.
Good luck everyone.

Conics BOB

The conics unit is finished and our unit test is tomorrow. I have to say that this unit wasn't hard and was easy to understand. Perhaps one of the only things that trick me is when we have to complete the square for an elipse and hyperbola. Half the time I forget to multiply the squared term by the coefficient if there is one, so I have to be careful of that if it's on the test. I think I understand everything else since I know the properties of each conic. Like the signs in an elipse are always the same while in an hyperbola they are opposite, whether the 'y' is negative or the 'x'; an parabola only has one squared term; and a circle has the same coefficient for the 'x' and 'y'. I'm pretty confident on making the equations for each conics and that I'll do well in this test.

Good luck to everyone!!


alright I'm here to do my BOB which means it almost time to do a test on Conics..

this unit is pretty simple, its basically the same thing we have learn in the past about parabolas and then some, IE opening on the y access, hyperbolas and ellipse. I feel comfortable with this unit and feel a have a fair understanding, but on the pretest we did i did mange to figure out the final question just my problem was i made a concept error when i place the X, and Y values to find A i forgot that they were all to the Power of 2.
So i guess i will need to improve on better organization of my questions, its the same thing over and over for me i make a few small mistakes because im trying to save time and i forget stuff here or there.

well good luck on the test everyone i really should study but i think i would be better off going to bed early


Well it is time for blogging on blogging. This Conics unit is fairly easy.
I understand how to solve problems such as parabola, ellipses and hyperbola. The only problem I found is how to apply the different properties and how to apply each of these in making a graph. And how to solve some word problems. But over all it is fairly easy.

Well study hard guys and good luck to our test tomorrow!!!


Hey guys this is my BOB for the "Conics" unit. Overall I found this unit to be fairly easy. There's not anything in particular that I think is really hard. The only thing that could possibly be "difficult" is remembering all the properties that apply to the each type of graph and knowing where to use them. Other than that everything else is pretty straightforward. The mathematical calculations are quite simple because basically all there is to do is the pythagorean theorem and solving for things algebraically. After that it's just about knowing and understanding the definitions of each "figure". Okay well good luck on the test tomorrow everyone (:


Hey it's Anthony once again. The unit of Conics was a pretty straightforward unit. Somethings I found hard were changing equations form standard form to general and also keeping in mind all the characteristics which determine whether it is a parabola, hyperbola, elipse or circle. This unit in general was a unit I enjoyed. Good luck to all.

"No prisoners! No mercy!"

Today's Slides: December 19

Here they are ...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Have a great break!

Today's Slides and Homework: December 18

Here they are ...

And, here's your homework. Just four problems. ;-)

and the answers are ...


The next scribe is ...... chrycel ! o(∩_∩)o

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Scribe Post - Introduction to Hyperbolas

For Friday's class it was quite simple and not a lot of work besides the paper folding was done. We first began talking about sonic booms. Basically a sonic boom is what you hear when something like a plane traveling at twice the speed of sound passes you and then its sonic wave produces a hyperbola shape and the edge of the hyperbola is when you hear the sound of a sonic boom and it's almost like an explosion. For more information here's a link ! just copy and paste to your URL on top of the web browser

Basically we folded a piece of paper and it resulted in what the diagram is above these words. What's going on you ask? Well we first measured from PF1 and measured PF2, and then took the difference of those two lengths. Then we took RF1 and measured it then measured RF2 and took the difference from those two points. From this point many of us started noticing a pattern. Lastly we took the measurements of QF1 and QF2 and then took the difference of those two lengths. To our surprise we noticed that from taking the differences from all of those fixed points they all turned out to be equidistant. Much like the parabola, but this time with two parabolas. Mr. K was about to lean forward to what a hyperbola was then we ran out of time. Expect the next part of the lecture on MONDAY ! That was all for the day, CHEERS !

THE NEXT SCRIBE IS !! .................
chrycel !!

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Well it's Miller again scribing my last scribe for the year. After this I wont have to worry about scribing again.

Today was a very charismatic class. In the morning class we learned that Mr. K's favorite channel on television was channel 50(tree house). Apparently it is the most educational show... only if Steve was still there. Anywhoo today we continued to learn about ellipses.

Mr.K showed told us about the whisper room. How it works. If we stand at focal point in the room and someone were to whisper while they were at the other focal point we
would hear what they'd say. He then becamce " Ultraman" and took his great and mighty sword and cut the Whisper room in half to show us how our sound would travel around.

In this picture Mr. K hath spliced the room in half. We are looking at it from a horizontal point of view. The red lines represent the voices of the two people sitting at the points marked on ellipse. These are also known as "focal radii".

We then were taught how to properly sketch an ellipse. In the picture below. I believe that it was jessica and lina who wonderfully completed this question on the board.

To draw this ellipse fully we first must find out where the center is and find the focal points.

As we look at the equation we can easily find the center of the ellipse which is (2,-1). We get this by looking for the "h" and the "k" of the equation.

To find the focal point we have to find what C is. C is the distance from the center to one of the focal points. To find this we use pythagorean theorem.

c^2=a^2-b^2 c^2=16-9 c^2=7 c=√7

Once we have this we move √7 units up from the center and √7 units down, since this ellipse opens vertically. That means the focal points of the ellipse are (2,√7-1) and (2,-1-√7).

The length of the major axis is 8. To find this we take whatever "a" was in the equation and multiply it by two. In this case "a" was 4. So we go 2x4=8.

Similarly to find the minor axis we take "b" and multiply by two. Which is 2x3=6.


Our afternoon class was cut short to an extent. We found out that it was BLOG's birthday and we ended up singing happy birthday 3 times and NONE of them were saved!!. Sigh.. Neways..
In the afternoon we changed an equation from standard form to general form.

To turn the equation from standard form into general form we must first make every term be over the same denominator. In this particualr problem we made everything over the common denominator of 400. After that we expanded the equation and allowed it to equal zero. Then after we combined the like terms we have found the "general form" for ellipses.

*NOTE. Here are some tips to find out if an equation shows a circle, ellipse or a parabola.
- two squared terms means it may be a circle or an ellipse.
-for it to be an ellipse the coefficients on the x and y terms MUST NOT be equal. If so it is a circle.
- If only one term is squared then it is a parabola. If the x is squared it is a vertical parabloa and if the y is squared it is a horizontal parabola.

That's what we did for the first half of the second class. Then the other half we spent wishing WEBBLOGGING happy birthday. "HAPPYBIRTHDAY WEBLOGGING" This was most of the information that got welded into my brain today. As for tommorows scribe the next scribe is OLIVER.

Today's Slides: December 13

Here they are ...

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Hey its Ant once again. Today we learned about ellipses. We started out by bringing out our previous drawn ellipse. which mine was stolen from my binder. Anyways later on in the class we drew a ling through the longest side of the ellipse through the center and named it "major axis". After wards we drew a line through the center again but this time perpendicular and through the shortest points of the ellipse.

Now how do we find the focus? well we determined length a is equal to the distance of A1 or A2 to the origin, and Length b is equal to the distance of B1 or B2 to the origin. We will call point F1 and F2 our focus. We know the Hypotenuse is Length a, and leg is equal to length b we can now use the Pythagorean theorem to solve for length c. By doing this we know the exact location of the focus. Because the distance from the center of the ellipse to the focus is length c. So now we know length c.

Now a little off topic but if we wanted to the value of P we could. Take length c and subtract it from Length a and we get a distance. that distance is P. Since earlier we learned the location of the focus = the appropriate value of the vertex + P. After we could also use distance P to find the directrix of the ellipse, on the other hand I don't have the slightest clue if ellipses have directrix but this is another way to look at an ellipse.

Anywho I am starving off to my 5th meal of the day. Next scribe is Miller "plasma grenade magnet"

'No prisoners!, No Mercy!"

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 11, 2007

Hey well I'm in the same situation as Cheyenne, the SmartBoard Software wont work on my computer for whatever reason so i am stuck doing it this way.

Today in class we went over what I had missed on Monday. We worked on graphing these parabolas, all of the work we did can be viewed on Cheyenne's post because the work we did in the morning class was just review of what we learned yesterday.

The afternoon class we were doing easy work of completing the square and using the formula for the equation of a circle, all of it is review from last year.

Before the end of class we started working on the same type of activity as Fridays class, where we folded a parabola out of paper but this time we folded up a paper with a circle on it into an ellipse and had to follow various other directions but we didn't get a chance to finish or talk about the results so the work done on it will be continued tomorrow in class. DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR PIECE OF PAPER FOR CLASS ON WEDNESDAY

Next scribe is Anthony(unless he has already gone)


0kay so here is my scribe, call me old fashion but the Smartboard Software didn't download properly on my computer. Sorry for the late, late post. On Monday, we learned about parabolas and looked deeper into what they are. In the beginning of class Mr.K told everyone to take a piece of paper and gave us instructions on how to fold it. When we were all done you could see parabolas on the paper from the indents from folding. We continued on learning about the Focus point, "P", "p", the vertex and etc.

0kay for around an hour or so i've been attempting to upload pictures that i drew on paint and it hasn't been working at all. It says it's loading but it never completes the process. I have tried uploading the slides as well, I restarted my computer but it still didn't help so I'm going to tried to explain without any pictures...

This is the standard form of a parabola:


PARABOLA: the locus, of points, obey a certain rule to make a parabola.
LOCUS: set of points.

****When you want to identify whether the parabola is horizontal or vertical you need to recognize if "x" or "y" is being squared. If "x" is being squared then vertical but if "y" is being squared then you know it's horizontal.****

****To determine if the parabola is opening upwards or downwards, or which side it's opening towards, you look at "p" and if it's positive it will open to the positive side (upwards). If it's negative it will open to the negative side(downwards).****

****Where's the vertex??? The vertex is found by taking "h" & "k" and multiplying them by -1 because in the standard form "h" & "k" have negative signs. Now you have both "x" and "y" coordinates for your vertex, x=h and y=k.****

****Directrix??? This is a line that the parabola must have to be an actual parabola. It is the line that is either an x coordinate or y coordinate, it IS NOT an order pair!



These notes are a couple of notes i took down in class on Monday, we spent a lot of time understanding these important facts and discussing the "folding paper" experiment. Sorry for the short blog hopefully it's helpful. If there are any questions comment below or corrections of any kind. Thanksss. :) Next scribe is
Sergio, he will being doing today's.

Today's Slides: December 11

Here they are ...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Intro to Conics

The next scribe is Cheyyt.

Okay converting my slides into a PDF sorta meddled with it. Not to bad but still a bit messy.

The Parthenon

I thought you all might be interested in this:

We were talking about the number φ (phi), the Golden Ratio, last week and how deeply it's tied to our unconscious appreciation of things that are beautiful. I came across this 7 minute video (below) that tells something of the story behind the construction of The Parthenon. You can also read on wikipedia about how φ was integrated into it's design. You can also browse this site which is dedicated to exploring all things about the Golden Ratio.

The Parthenon

Friday, December 7, 2007

Today's Slides: December 7

Here they are ...

Blogging On Blogging

WELL as you can see it's 8 in the morning, thought i could fit in a little review before the test event happened. I'm a dead man. I know i said that last blog, and the test was alright. I'm really confident I'm a dead man THIS time. Can't do poker stuff, I'm not a gambler!! That's not true. That's all i have a problem on really, I'm still a dead man.


This unit was the hardest one so far. My muddiest point are the circular permutation and the binomial questions. Sometimes i confuse when to use pick and choose formula. I didn't do the scribe post yet, cause I don't get those binomial questions. :(
Zhū Shìjié 's Chinese name is 朱世杰. Hope we do good on the test!


This unit was a pretty quick unit. I wished we spent a little more time on the poker stuff and the binomial stuff. At least another day for both of them. It was okay the unit was short and most of the stuff I understood. I learned that this unit didn't have mechanical steps into finding the right answer but you actually had to think about it and work it out using different ways. I liked that. Well this unit, combinatorics, is coming to a close. Now, say hello to conics. I hope everyone reviews their work and practices some more. Good luck to you all fellow students.


Late night BOB

So has come to past the unit of Combinatorics. I really don't know what to say about this unit. As compared to the other units and how i preformed in them i wouldn't say this was much more difficult then the rest but definitely more difficult.

Muddiest point would be knowing when to use which formula. I really don't know when to use Pick or Choose. Also I've been adding stuff when i should be multiplying. That's been hurting me for the past few days. Binomial therom is really throwing me off, haven't quite gotten all the patterns memorized.

Priniples of counting and circular permutations are Okay. I really more worried about the stuff i mentioned above.

Well good luck to all, i know I'm gonna need it.


Okay, so this unit was all about counting. On the very beginning of this unit, I kinda have trouble with it, I didn't understand anything that day, but it's all good now. My muddiest point would probably be what formula to choose from the "pick" or the "choose" formula, and, whether to add or multiply the combinations or permutations. Everything else was pretty much straight forward. So good luck to all.

Combinatorics BOB

Alrighty! I'm back! So... Combinatorics... I thought this unit was the most interesting. Mr. K. really did blow my mind when he talked about 'PhI' (Φ). I was so amazed and everything!. The thing that confused me the most was finding all the different card combinations. I have to think for such a long time to figure out what numbers to use. Another that I'm still confused about is the distinguishable and non-distinguishable things. I sometimes get confused with which one's which. The rest of the things... I think I'm okay with. Happy studying!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Combinatorics Pre-Test

Hiya! My apologies for the very late post. The font is pretty small so I suggest you look at it through Slide Share. It looked really big in the Smartboard Software... and I didn't really have a variety of font sizes to choose from.

Next Scribe is Paulo. Happy studying! =D

* I noticed that all the things on my slides shifted. WHY?! When I exported it as a PDF, it turned out like that... I don't really know how to fix it. Try your best to follow along*

Continuously BOBB`n itt

I didn't think this unit was that hard? Maybe my memory's shottt but I thought logz were much harder. I think the thing I have the hardest time on or my "muddiest point" would be poker possibilities, maybe even remembering and deciphering the Choose and Pick formulas. I also don't know how to punch in the formulas in the calculator yet 'cause I need to get a new one still. I honestly don't know what I'm good at and what I have troubles with, I learned something new today though. The "multiple choice" and "true and false" questions; ex. 2^(number of questions) for number of possible sheets. Well, time to escape conciousness. =) Good luck on the test tmw.


i must admit, this unit must be one of my muddiest unit in this course. i say this because my muddiest point is word problems and anything that has to do with a paragraph with words. i seem to not understand what the question would be asking or what specific answer to give. i have been studying. my bob has been published late because of work. and i have also studied at work and basically taught my self some basic and complicated questions that i had always had trouble on. i guess i would say that i work better mostly on my own, and learning on my own for some reason. i guess i would say I'm ready for my pre test tomorrow and also my test for the afternoon. i shall not be nervous. no one should. everything will be fine.... hopefully. but any who, i need more practice on this unit and i plan on using one of the long questions from this unit and make up a whole new question similar and use it as one of my project questions. yes, i shall do that. i should learn a lot from that. ^_^
good night everyone.
good luck and break a leg tomorrow. hehe

Blogging on Blogging

This is my blogging on blogging. Okay I did not seem to like this unit even the second time around. It's because, you really have to think into the questions to really understand it and I just can't seem to do that. It's whether to use pick or choose or just the fundamental principle of counting. It just seems so very complex. The circle questions are quite hard to grasp as well, once different restrictions are put upon it. I guess it's back to practicing these types of question to be able to answer them. Anyway good luck to everyone byee!

BOB Counting

Lets see... This unit has given me a few ups and a few downs. At first everything was going smoothly until... the day I decided to choose saving a life over going to precal class. I missed a class to go donate blood. After that class everything went out of whack. I missed the lesson on the "CHoose" formula. However after looking up at the blog and asking a few friends for help I think I've caught up to it again. Hopefully I'll do better on this test than what I did on the others.


Well this unit wasn't that difficult nor was it that easy. My muddiest part would be the card problems, i get so confused with the face values and the choose formula. But I think I get the general idea when it comes to the Pick formula, I guess we'll see how it goes on the test. Good Luck everyone! ... :)

----do your homework =)

BOB on Combinatorics

Despite what other people have said in their bob's about this unit, I would have to disagree. This unit was by far the only unit that actually seemed fun for me. Yes! Math is fun again! Perhaps it was because I scribed for this unit and got a clearer understanding when I had to explain it. And this unit is based mostly on logic, which I didn't have too much trouble with. the only thing I found confusing were the poker questions. I don't know how to play the card game, but that isn't my main problem. The questions had a lot of things for you to consider. For example: the suits, faces, how many of a certain suit or face in a poker hand, how many cards should not be included in your hand, etc. Then figuring it all out was hard to follow. Also, I had trouble with which formula to use for certain questions. Whether I should use the Pick formula or the Choose one. Those are the problems I came across with this unit.

Another problem I'll have to face tomorrow is doing the test! I tend to blank out once it's right in front of me. I hope that won't happen this time.

Everyone do your very best on this test!

Good Night!


Another unit test tomorrow, and it feels too soon. Yikes, this unit was quite difficult. As always, it started off simple and easy then BAM, kicks you in the mouth when you least expect it. My muddiest points are circular permutations as well as card problems. I don't appreciate this unit at all. Good luck to everybody tomorrow!


Allright... well, in the beginning of this unit, i thought it was pretty straightfoward. Counting principles wasn't that hard of a concept to understand. With circular permutations though i got a little lost but with a few discussions I started to get the flow of it. Another thing that left me blank was the choose and pick formulas, at first i was like "what the heck am i supposed to do with these?"; sometimes i can't figure out which to use. But what really makes me wanna pull my hair out is the card problems. I can't seem to get my head around what the problem is asking for. Ugh! Well, guess i have to go over this whole unit for the second time tonight to get my head in the right place ... *sigh* i didn't like this unit at all ... anyways good luck to everyone =)


I underestimate combinatorics, It's hard! My muddiest point are permutation,choose and's very hard to choose which one has to be the way to get the answer...

I really have to squeeze my mind....

I also have to use my widest imagination and put it on the sack and save it for tomorrow...pweh....
good luck everyone.....have fun(NO!)


Okay, for the combinatorics unit, my muddiest point are the circular permutation and the card problems. I freaked out when I see these kind of problems and don't know what to do. I am really confuse when to use the pick and choose formula though I know the rules. Even though it seems like an easy question, I totally messed up. I simply don't like this unit. =p

Good luck everyone!


Hello, this is my BOB for the Combinatorics unit. As I recall, in my previous BOB I said that I had found Logs and Exponents to be the hardest unit. I stand corrected, I believe that this unit by far is the hardest one yet. At first I thought it would be easy because we just had to find different arrangements of things, but as the unit progressed it began to become more difficult. There are some concepts that I am not completely clear on. Like for example, knowing when to solve problems as pick or choose. One of the most difficult things for me is understanding how the restrictions relate to the method we use to solve the questions. I don't always know what I'm suppose to divide by or multiply and such. So I guess overall I don't really have anything good to say about this unit because I don't really like it. I'll probably have to do some last minute cramming and I'll hope that it's enough to pass the test tomorrow. Perhaps it will help me understand the unit better too. K well good luck guys (:

BOB = breakfest on a bun

hey girls and boys. This is Anthony and heres my BOB for combinatorics. At the beginning of the unit i found it very hard. Something about it just did not seem to make the cogs turn. The whole idea of pick and choose and etc. gave me a headache. Also the limitation with Percival and Lancelot was not mentally friendly either. But now I have an easier time working with these types of situations. My worst problem currently still is with the deck of cards and poker hands. I can break down the basic components like choose a card for a pair, but choosing 3 different cards so that you only have a pair as a hand was a little hard for me. So ill look over things and hope for the best.

good luck to everyone!

"No prisoners! No mercy!" - 300

such a good movie I'm it watching now


ok lets see i guess this unit isn't so bad .... but I'm sure there is a few things i should still try to understand such as when the question is asking for a combination or a permutation.

Also when a question tends to get lengthy i seem to skip steps and well things gets messy.

So i guess ill try to squeeze in some "studying" in these last few hours before the test good luck all


Alas, another unit test. This time it's on combinatorics. It came all too soon really. Quite honestly, I don't find it as vicious as previous units. What a surprise that is. It's amazing how you can take something as simple sounding as "counting" to a different level. The first few things were pretty easy to grasp. The fundamental principle of counting that is. Just a little confusing when it was first introduced, but not too bad. Then there are the formulas for permutation and combinations. I guess I still have a little trouble deciding which one to use when solving a question. I've mixed them up a few times only because I wasn't sure whether the order of the said item in a question mattered or not. I for one enjoyed the poker questions. It was kind of fun to solve them when I understood how it was done. It was actually quite interesting.
The thing I'm most worried about are the things that we've learned in the last couple of days. The Fibonacci sequence, binomial theorem, and Pascal's triangle. I understand the basic concept, but it's still not set in my mind. I will have to work on that a little more.
Well, here's to another test. Good luck everyone.

-I just noticed the countdown to winter break thing. How wonderful, but that also means that exams are just around the corner as well... what a downer.


Another BOB, meaning another unit test! This unit was one of the most difficult unit so far. I had so much problems trying to solve some combination problems and even some permutations. I would say that this was my muddiest point. The pre-test earlier really helped me a lot especially discussing with my colleagues. Anyways, i need to study harder still. Good luck guys tomorrow. HEHE

Combinatorics BOB

It is again time for Blogging on Blogging since it is the end of the unit. I would have to say that this unit was probably the most difficult of the others we've done. I had a bit of a problem trying to solve the card questions like one of the ones we did for the pretest we had today. I used (13C1)(12C1) for the 2 pair question instead of (13C2). I know the rules for Combinatorics, but there were times I had trouble applying them to some problems because I was worried I was wrong and second guessed myself. I'm glad, though, that the questions we did for the pretest were ones I probably had more trouble on.

Today's Slides: December 6

Here they are ...


Time for blogging on blogging again. Combinatory!!!!!!

When Mr. K introduced to us what is combinatory I found it difficult. But as days gone by and Mr. K teach us how to solve permutations ad combinations I understand how to solve some problems. When Mr. K introduced about the Poker Permutation I found it difficult. But when Mr. K explained little by little I understand how to solved Poker Permutation. And of course it helps a lot the Pre-test this early morning.

Well I guess that’s it for combinatory!

GOODLUCK to our exam tomorrow.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Combinatorics: POKER!

Hello there fellow classmates,
Today I am the scribe and here is my scribe. haha.
Voila and there you have it. I'm sorry if it's too small to read, try to view it full screen maybe it'll be better.


Scribe Post:: Poker Possibilities

First off: Apologiez for not getting this up. I had the time over the weekend, just completely forgot I was the scribe for Friday.

Anyway... Mr. K started us off with some warm-up questions to get us prepared for the Poker Possibilities. The first question is:

There are 10 football teams in a certain conference. How many games must be played if each team is to play every other team just once?

Sergio did it the way I did it; we figured that the first team has 9 other teams to play, the second team has 8, the third has 7, etc. So we added 9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 which gave us 45.

However, I liked the Choose Formula method better which is probably what Mr. K wanted us to use.

The second warm-up question was: There are 9 chairs in a row. In how many ways can 4 students be seated in consecutive chairs?

The third question was: Seven people reach a fork in the road. In how many ways can they continue their walk so that 4 go one way and 3 the other?

Here there are two ways this can happen, but both have the same result. One scenario where 4 goes left, 3 goes right, and once scenario where 3 goes left and 4 goes right. They both work because "7 Choose 3" and "7 Choose 4" are equal.

Finally, the POKER POSSIBILITIES questions:

Given a standard deck of 52 cards, how many ways are there to draw 5 cards to obtain each hand.

a) Royal Flush
[ace, king, queen, jack, ten in the same suit]

b) Straight Flush
[five cards in sequence and of the same unit, but not ace king queen jack ten]

&that's all for Friday's class, the rest was for homework. Once again, my apologiez for my bad memory.

Next Scribe was already determined to be Sam. &sorry for making you do Monday's. =)

btw.. how come when I tried to install the Smart Board, it said there was an error? Anyone?

Today's Slides: December 3

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