Sunday, December 16, 2007

Scribe Post - Introduction to Hyperbolas

For Friday's class it was quite simple and not a lot of work besides the paper folding was done. We first began talking about sonic booms. Basically a sonic boom is what you hear when something like a plane traveling at twice the speed of sound passes you and then its sonic wave produces a hyperbola shape and the edge of the hyperbola is when you hear the sound of a sonic boom and it's almost like an explosion. For more information here's a link ! just copy and paste to your URL on top of the web browser

Basically we folded a piece of paper and it resulted in what the diagram is above these words. What's going on you ask? Well we first measured from PF1 and measured PF2, and then took the difference of those two lengths. Then we took RF1 and measured it then measured RF2 and took the difference from those two points. From this point many of us started noticing a pattern. Lastly we took the measurements of QF1 and QF2 and then took the difference of those two lengths. To our surprise we noticed that from taking the differences from all of those fixed points they all turned out to be equidistant. Much like the parabola, but this time with two parabolas. Mr. K was about to lean forward to what a hyperbola was then we ran out of time. Expect the next part of the lecture on MONDAY ! That was all for the day, CHEERS !

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