Thursday, December 6, 2007

BOB on Combinatorics

Despite what other people have said in their bob's about this unit, I would have to disagree. This unit was by far the only unit that actually seemed fun for me. Yes! Math is fun again! Perhaps it was because I scribed for this unit and got a clearer understanding when I had to explain it. And this unit is based mostly on logic, which I didn't have too much trouble with. the only thing I found confusing were the poker questions. I don't know how to play the card game, but that isn't my main problem. The questions had a lot of things for you to consider. For example: the suits, faces, how many of a certain suit or face in a poker hand, how many cards should not be included in your hand, etc. Then figuring it all out was hard to follow. Also, I had trouble with which formula to use for certain questions. Whether I should use the Pick formula or the Choose one. Those are the problems I came across with this unit.

Another problem I'll have to face tomorrow is doing the test! I tend to blank out once it's right in front of me. I hope that won't happen this time.

Everyone do your very best on this test!

Good Night!

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Lani said...

Hi Mary Ann,

It's great to hear that learning math is fun for you in this unit!!!

I'm interested in your comment that you think you may have better understood because you scribed and explaining helped your understanding-- If that's the case (and I really think you've found something here), do you think a private scribing notebook or your personal scribing blog might be of value?