Monday, December 3, 2007

Combinatorics: POKER!

Hello there fellow classmates,
Today I am the scribe and here is my scribe. haha.
Voila and there you have it. I'm sorry if it's too small to read, try to view it full screen maybe it'll be better.



Jasmin said...

That was a pretty good scribe. You describe everything you did and I thought that was very helpful. Just one thing... On slide 13 it says 'Choosing a FACE for your last card' twice. Shouldn't the blue one be SUIT? Anyways, overall, I thought it was a very good scribe. I vote for this to go into the Hall of Fame!

GOAT said...

AWESOME scribe samus! i definitely understand everything much more better than earlier today. HALL OF FAME BABY!

AdolescentAerosolAddict said...

Slide 13, your last "12 Choose 1" should be "11 Choose 1". &i think you might've messed on "Four Of A Kind" on slide 9 too. (13C1)*(4C4)*(12C1)*(4*1) maybe? Good post anyway. =) You're smarttt!