Thursday, December 6, 2007


Alas, another unit test. This time it's on combinatorics. It came all too soon really. Quite honestly, I don't find it as vicious as previous units. What a surprise that is. It's amazing how you can take something as simple sounding as "counting" to a different level. The first few things were pretty easy to grasp. The fundamental principle of counting that is. Just a little confusing when it was first introduced, but not too bad. Then there are the formulas for permutation and combinations. I guess I still have a little trouble deciding which one to use when solving a question. I've mixed them up a few times only because I wasn't sure whether the order of the said item in a question mattered or not. I for one enjoyed the poker questions. It was kind of fun to solve them when I understood how it was done. It was actually quite interesting.
The thing I'm most worried about are the things that we've learned in the last couple of days. The Fibonacci sequence, binomial theorem, and Pascal's triangle. I understand the basic concept, but it's still not set in my mind. I will have to work on that a little more.
Well, here's to another test. Good luck everyone.

-I just noticed the countdown to winter break thing. How wonderful, but that also means that exams are just around the corner as well... what a downer.

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