Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Here we are again all too soon. Too, too soon.
Conics wasn't the worse unit I suppose, but I still worry a little about it. I can't seem to grasp the properties of the shapes. It's just one of those things. I mean I did have my problems with the darn circle last year and this is just the same. I don't really like fractions either... so when I see those, it's not good.
I know how to differentiate the shapes though so I supoose that's not too bad. I guess what I have to worry about is solving the problems because I think I can at least convert an equation from general form to standard form. Actually, the properties of the different shapes aren't that difficult. I guess it's the fact that there ARE different shapes that has my head spinning.
I have no confidence in this class. Well, maybe just a glimmer, but that's it!
I'm feeling tres uneasy right now, but I hope some studying tonight will help.
Sometimes I feel like these "group workshops" don't help me because I feel better trying to do it on my own, but sometimes it it benefits me because it answers questions I don't think to ask.
Well let's hope I do well. The last two tests weren't so bad (I think!) so hopefully this won't be too bad.
Good luck everyone.

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