Thursday, December 6, 2007


i must admit, this unit must be one of my muddiest unit in this course. i say this because my muddiest point is word problems and anything that has to do with a paragraph with words. i seem to not understand what the question would be asking or what specific answer to give. i have been studying. my bob has been published late because of work. and i have also studied at work and basically taught my self some basic and complicated questions that i had always had trouble on. i guess i would say that i work better mostly on my own, and learning on my own for some reason. i guess i would say I'm ready for my pre test tomorrow and also my test for the afternoon. i shall not be nervous. no one should. everything will be fine.... hopefully. but any who, i need more practice on this unit and i plan on using one of the long questions from this unit and make up a whole new question similar and use it as one of my project questions. yes, i shall do that. i should learn a lot from that. ^_^
good night everyone.
good luck and break a leg tomorrow. hehe

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