Thursday, December 6, 2007

BOB = breakfest on a bun

hey girls and boys. This is Anthony and heres my BOB for combinatorics. At the beginning of the unit i found it very hard. Something about it just did not seem to make the cogs turn. The whole idea of pick and choose and etc. gave me a headache. Also the limitation with Percival and Lancelot was not mentally friendly either. But now I have an easier time working with these types of situations. My worst problem currently still is with the deck of cards and poker hands. I can break down the basic components like choose a card for a pair, but choosing 3 different cards so that you only have a pair as a hand was a little hard for me. So ill look over things and hope for the best.

good luck to everyone!

"No prisoners! No mercy!" - 300

such a good movie I'm it watching now

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