Wednesday, December 19, 2007


alright I'm here to do my BOB which means it almost time to do a test on Conics..

this unit is pretty simple, its basically the same thing we have learn in the past about parabolas and then some, IE opening on the y access, hyperbolas and ellipse. I feel comfortable with this unit and feel a have a fair understanding, but on the pretest we did i did mange to figure out the final question just my problem was i made a concept error when i place the X, and Y values to find A i forgot that they were all to the Power of 2.
So i guess i will need to improve on better organization of my questions, its the same thing over and over for me i make a few small mistakes because im trying to save time and i forget stuff here or there.

well good luck on the test everyone i really should study but i think i would be better off going to bed early

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