Monday, December 3, 2007

Scribe Post:: Poker Possibilities

First off: Apologiez for not getting this up. I had the time over the weekend, just completely forgot I was the scribe for Friday.

Anyway... Mr. K started us off with some warm-up questions to get us prepared for the Poker Possibilities. The first question is:

There are 10 football teams in a certain conference. How many games must be played if each team is to play every other team just once?

Sergio did it the way I did it; we figured that the first team has 9 other teams to play, the second team has 8, the third has 7, etc. So we added 9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 which gave us 45.

However, I liked the Choose Formula method better which is probably what Mr. K wanted us to use.

The second warm-up question was: There are 9 chairs in a row. In how many ways can 4 students be seated in consecutive chairs?

The third question was: Seven people reach a fork in the road. In how many ways can they continue their walk so that 4 go one way and 3 the other?

Here there are two ways this can happen, but both have the same result. One scenario where 4 goes left, 3 goes right, and once scenario where 3 goes left and 4 goes right. They both work because "7 Choose 3" and "7 Choose 4" are equal.

Finally, the POKER POSSIBILITIES questions:

Given a standard deck of 52 cards, how many ways are there to draw 5 cards to obtain each hand.

a) Royal Flush
[ace, king, queen, jack, ten in the same suit]

b) Straight Flush
[five cards in sequence and of the same unit, but not ace king queen jack ten]

&that's all for Friday's class, the rest was for homework. Once again, my apologiez for my bad memory.

Next Scribe was already determined to be Sam. &sorry for making you do Monday's. =)

btw.. how come when I tried to install the Smart Board, it said there was an error? Anyone?

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