Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Another BOB, another upcoming test.
The trigonometric identities unit hasn't been too devastating. I'm grasping the concept of proving little by little. Although I do have an issue with all the corrolories and remembering that everything can be written as something else, but I'm working on that.
My issue is with the number one and how it can be written in many endless ways. Going through with proving identies, I always forget that the identity can be written in a different way or I can change it to make it look another way.
I understand sum and difference identies, but I always have to watch out for the "signs" because it will just lead me in the wrong direction, but I'm working my issues out slowly.
I do understand what is going on, but the problem lies with having to apply everything to the questions. Like Mr. K said, there are so many different ways that students can solve the identities. We'll see how the test goes and I hope I don't do too badly.
Good luck everyone.
(I wonder when we get to see our previous tests?)

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