Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BOB`n ittt LOL

I can't help it, but I keep forgetting how to graph a line. I saw x-2 on the test so I impulsively figured that x=2 and put a vertical line there. I know I'm suppose to only put a dot there and follow a slope, but I keep forgetting and freezing when it comes to that. I think that would be my muddiest point, sadly. Besides that, I got everything down on the test we had today. Backtracking a little further, to yesterday (which I probably wouldn't have remembered if it weren't for the slides and blogs), I remember that I did not understand immediately why the period was 12.4 for the "depth of the water, at an ocean port" problem. Mr. K then explained it, which I'm going to admit I still don't completely understand why, but I will remember to move the denominator of C to B, anyway (hopefully). That was a moment of clarity, and what did it feel like? Relieving! & also... What I thought was "cool", was that the sine and cosine graphs show how far a point would be from the origin on a circle (how far up and down the axises). I didn't know what's what sine and cosine graphs were... very interesting!

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