Thursday, October 18, 2007


For the most part, I pretty much understand what we were doing in this unit, although I sometimes make stupid mistakes when it comes to tests and quizzes on the little things. To fix that I guess I would have to pay more attention to detail and make sure that I read the questions carefully. Now in regards to this unit specifically, I would have to say that one of the hardest things is trying to remember how to draw all the graphs and trying to remember all the steps and rules that apply to them, because there are quite a few different ones. Moving on, I guess I can say that I had a "moment" when we were learning how to draw reciprocal graphs, because at first I was confused about how to determine whether the lines where approaching zero or infinity, because I wasn't very clear on the whole biggering and smallering concept, but then we started doing examples and Mr. K was explaining it more and it somehow just clicked. So that was a good thing because now I know how to draw it properly. Something that I probably need more practice on is the words problems, because they can sometimes be really tricky and the thing about them is that you have to be really accurate with your work because if you have the wrong graph, you'll have the wrong equations and if your equations are wrong, you'll get the wrong answer and that would really suck. As for everything else, I think I understand it fairly well, but I still need to do some reviewing to make sure. Okay, well good luck guys (:

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