Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bobbing for MATH

The unit transformation is coming to an end. What I found most difficult was to remember what went with what. We had many different graphs and rules that applied to specific things. I really don't like what we're currently doing in math right now. Sometimes finding the period is confusing for me, drawing the graph, knowing which value would equal theta because it was in a certain quadrant, finding the day for graphs dealing with months of the year. I still find graphing reciprocal graphs somewhat difficult, i tend to look at only the equation to find my asymptote when i should be looking at the graph as well to make sure.

I'm really comfortable with drawing inverse, odd, even graphs. Absolute graphs i have no problem with. Translations and transformations i know how to do well. And everything else i didn't mention as a difficulty I'm okay with. Well the test is on Friday. Hope you all study for it and i wish all of you luck.


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