Friday, October 19, 2007

Scribe Post: Trigonometric Idenities

Hey sorry for the late bloging but i never had a chance to check the blog to see whos the next scribe and when i came on there was a lot of BOB posts but of course i should of thought to have search by labels

now remembering back to yesterday Oct 18, we had two classes.

The First class we did a "pre-test" to prepare us for today's test hope everyone did well.

so now on with the new stuff well sort of...

Trigonometric Idenities:

In this unit the two important functions are sin(x) and cos(x) as we most of us may know already or will find out

using fundamental identities we can Simplfy a question

So the following problem:


we know from the above image that sec(x) and cot(x) become 1/cos(x) and cos/sin(x)

now there will be a sin(x)cos(x) on both top and bottom of the fraction which will cancel out each other leaving 1.

and basicly thats about what we learned, as for next time i will try to be a little more careful and get this done much sooner sorry for the late scribe once again

looking at the list there some names that haven't been crossed out yet soooo next scribe is Alvin?

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