Thursday, October 18, 2007


So far, I understand most of it fairly well. I kinda thik that this unit is easier to understand than th elast one, the unit circle ones. This has little things to memories and I just got confused on few things. I am more comfortable with this unit since Mr. K. gave us lots of review which really helped for me in remembering what our lessons were. My mistakes usally come from either not reading or understanding the quetions well or I forgetting the steps to do. Like which one should we do forst or find first, but good thing Mr. K. always have this little ways to memorize things. Like the DABC thing, i could easily make an equation from a graph. And uhm i sometimes get mixed up with the reciprocal function and the inverse but since Mr. K. teaches us the baby clean up thing I just need to remember that thing and everything started to be ok. Overall, I understood almost everything fairly well, good thing Mr. K. gave us plenty of review questions which really helped a lot!!!


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