Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blogging on Blogging for Transformations

Well for this unit I didn't really have much trouble with it. I would have to say my "moment of clarity" would have to be when we were starting out the reciprocal graphs. I didn't really understand before how the values that were small would suddenly get bigger until I realized that the values under one were fractions. So when you go the reciprocals of those numbers they would all be bigger than one, and vice-versa for the original values bigger than one. Probably the most difficult thing I found in this unit was making the inverse graph over y = x. Even though I know how to make inverse graphs I don't really know how with the y = x method. I sometimes have problems making the graphs in the Trigonometric Modeling questions, even though I find it really fun to do. The parts that I liked most about this unit is the Trigonometric Modeling and the Reciprocal Graphs.

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