Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scribe Post: Trigometric Identities & the Sine Dance!

Hello, hello! This time I'm going to get straight to the point... after this RIDDLE!! XD

"What is it that you cannot hold even ten minutes, even though it is lighter
than a feather."

You can ask me tomorrow for the answer... agian.

I actually downloaded the SmartBoard Software and made a slide ^___^ but it turned out to be pretty small. It's better if you put it in full view.

I didn't explain all of the problems discussed in class because I don't believe that I have too. The best way of understanding this unit, I think, is by actually doing it. So have fun and DO YOUR HOMEWORK! (Which I believe is Exercise 14)

So sorry that I always post late!

Horray finally done! Now I don't have to worry for at least 2 months? Hopefully..

Next scribe is dun dun dunnnnnn


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