Thursday, October 18, 2007


My muddiest point, i would say is most definitely the word problems. it has always been my muddiest point because i just cant seem to understand what the question is asking or telling me. i can't blame my self? English is a second language to me! hahah... but anyways, i like how our class is doing, when we do a quiz or anything else and we get into our group of 3's or 4's and we figure out the questions on our own... its very helpful and we learn alot and we learn from our mistakes.
This is my second time taking pre cal 40s and i don't regret a thing. i didn't take two of the same courses with the same teacher nor at the same school. last year i took pre cal 40s at maples collegiate and i thought it was quite easy only if you did your homework every day. but once i returned back to Daniel McIntyre, i knew it would be challenging taking the course with Mr k. since i did once had him for my pre cal 20s. it's very different though i must say. the things we've just learned such as the word problems, I've actually never learned that, or maybe none that i know of and its very confusing but I've looked through the scribes and notes etc, and I'm quite sure i understand most of it. anyways, you'll hear more from me on the day before the next test.
Mr. K's pre cal 40s fall'07 class is a bunch of smart intelligent rabbits and i believe that every single one of my class mates will do terrific. just click on your heels three times and BAM!@#*! you'll do great! break a leg

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