Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Transformations BOB

Alrighty, transformations... well I'm still having some trouble with graphing reciprocals. When Mr. K. does this: *points at something on the Smart Board* and says, " From here to here, the x/y values are biggering/smallering, so that means that the reciprocal should be smallering/biggering." I don't understand the ' From here to here ' part..... and how the reciprocal of 'y' comes into play, I don't get that either.

Another thing that stumped me was a quiz question... I think. Well there was a question that showed us two functions and we had to write g(x) as a function of f(x) and vise-versa. I noticed that the graph was getting squished/expanded horizontally and that a point on the graph moved to the left/right. Mr. K. said that the squishing/expanding of the graph caused the point to move, so it didn't have a phase shift. How? That's what I would like to know. Well those are the things I'm still having trouble with. Everything else I seem to get.

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