Monday, November 19, 2007

Scribe Post: Logs and Exponents

AM class

Today in our class we did a somewhat review the whole morning. Actually first Mr. K. hand out a new exponetial modeling sheet and most of us, Im just guessing, did not get a good chance to finish the whole sheet that period because majority of the class want to discuss the sheet he hand out last week. Well most of the sheet were explained and I guess everybody kind of understands it. Im not really sure how to explain everything because its mostly straight to the point. Just remember which one is which in using the formula.

The formula we need to memorize are:

P= A (1+ (r/n) ) ^t(n)

A = Pe^rt

A = Ao (model) ^t

Well that's basically what we did in the mornign class. Ooh and we also solve more logarithmic equations.

e^(2t-1) =5

lne^(2t-1) = ln 5

2t-1 = 5

t = (ln 5 + 1) / 2

The other one is this one:

ln (x+1) = 1 + lnx

ln(x+1) - lnx = 1

ln ( (x+1) / x) = 1

e = (x+1) / x

ex = x+1

ex - x = 1

x (e - 1) =1

x = 1 / (e-1)

That's everything we did this morning.

PM class

All we did that afternoon was more review but its all about the things most of us had troubles with.

The next were graphing, I cant really explain it because its hard to explain. So far I guess I explained everything. Since we did not really learn something new, we mostly did review today and I hope it somewhat helps to the upsocming test about this unit. Well I guess I covered everything. I have to do other homeworks now.

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