Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A little help... would help.

Hey, does anyone know how to do question 11 on Exercise 25? I didn't post this in the chat box 'cause I doubted anyone would see it there. &anyone know how to even start doin' Ex. 26?? Any comments/replies would be appreciated (though, I kinda doubt that's goin' to happen).

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xxcool-guyxx said...

log base x of (10√10) = 3/2

Rewrite it as an exponential function so it'll be:

x^(3/2) = 10√10
x^(3/2) = (10)(10^(1/2))

then... raise both sides to the power of (2/3)...

x = (10^(2/3))(10^(1/3))

*add the exponents

x = (10^(3/3))

x = 10