Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bobbing on Logarithms

This unit wasn't as hard as the last one, but I'm still having trouble with a lot of things. I guess posting now, at this hour of the night won't really help me to get my problems answered; so this post will just be a reflection on the unit.
I was away for one class where Mr. K taught the change of base law. A fellow classmate explained it to me, but I still didn't get a good idea of it.
What I found extremely useful was when we got into groups again and answered questions on the review sheet. I guess being with the people I was with was a benefit for me since I understood things more clearly and I was actually able to do some of the questions on my own. I was able to do the word problems which I usually have a lot of hard time doing.
A logarithm is an exponent! It's funny how a lot of people, including myself, are still forgetting this very important rule. It's so easily said, but really difficult to remember.

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