Wednesday, November 21, 2007


wellllll in all honesty i think I'm okay for this unit, i understand the concept that log is and exponent and such, graphing is not that much different as i know that say log(base 2)X is the inverse of 2^x.

as for the formulas
i find them to be very easy to use all i need to improve on though is when given little information such as the original amount, half life and the period instead of wasting time on a test trying to solve for rate then using the Pe^rt formula i can just use the model(A2=A1(m)^(t/p)) formula and save some time.

i really think i should start doing far more amount of homework and study for test because i may know this stuff now but say when the exam comes along.. well ill try not to let that happen

well i guess thats it good luck everyone on the test.

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