Monday, November 19, 2007

BOB Log and Exponents

Sigh* finally this unit is over, at first this is confusing but as it moves along it becomes somewhat easier than what we started. This unit have a lot of confusing things. from exponents to logs to natural logs things. The exponential logs is okay but the formula are hard to firgure out. Its kind of hard to figure out at first which formula to use. I guess the clearest point in this unit for me is the laws like the change of base and other law but the rest were kind of hard for me. The muddiest point is the word problem and also the graphing. Graphing is somewhat hard, I get confused on many things in this unit one of it is graphing. Well I think thats all I can say now since its already late and we have school tomorrow. Good Luck Everyone to the Test!!! I hope all of us wil have good mark on this test. XP


LIRE CE BLOG!!!! said...

If x^2=2^x:
What are the three values of x?

Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Hi "Lire ce blog!!!!",

That's an excellent problem Thanks for sharing it. This blog is dormant now. The students have moved on to other classes but I'll pass it along to my current classes.

Mr. K.