Thursday, November 22, 2007

combinatories and functional notation

Eow this is rosselle. I'm sorry for the late, late, late scribe....anyways...i'll start it with the afternoon class. Mr. K gives us the review for the test and he group us into 6 so here is it:

Range:(-infinity, infinity)
y-int: none
x-int: 7/3


*ln is like a log. This is change of base law.

* We can't expand ln(x-1) and ln(x+3)any further since ln are not distributive!

*First I expand the lnx and lny using the product law and by quotient law, I divide lnz.

The class start with Mr. k's social commentaries. He talks about smoking and numbers from the lottery, I don't really get it cause I'm not listening... well anyways we are face with a new lesson and this is what we talked about for the mornin' class...

*There are 2 ways for n to be tossed. For every n1 and n2, there are 2 ways that q1 and q2 to be tossed and so that would be 4.
And for every q, there are 2 ways that d1 and d2 to be tossed and so that would be 8.
Now multiply all the numbers :2x2x2=8

*The difference between the Combinatories and Modeling is that combinatories shows how many ways that can be done and arrange items, the following examples show how to use it.

*There are 3 ways to wear the P1, P2, P3 then there are P1 x P2 x P3 ways to do three things.

*There are 5 people that can be seated in this straight line.
*we used up one number, so we have 4 people to be seated.
*3 people are remaining
*2people remaining
*1person remaining

~if ever you want to see the original and clear images just go to this site: www.

Sorry for the inconvenience in reading my scribe...i know it's i can scribe is michelle.....thank u thank u...ajah ajah...

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