Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 16, 2007 : Scribe

i profusely apologize for the long overdue scribe. on friday, sadly, the smartboard was not working =( ... i then realized how much trouble i have without the class discussions. Mr. K gave us a worksheet to work on in groups. Honestly, I was stumped. I'm really having trouble with applying the different formulas in the word problems. There was a heated discussion on whether one formula (a=Pe^rt) can only be used when dealing with money. I agreed on that in the beginning because Sergio made a good point about not being about to "compound" a year/s ( i say that because when i hear/see the word compound, i usually think of interest and principals and that usually comes up when dealing with money and not time). But in question number 2 letter b i disagreed because i actually used the the a=Pe^rt formula and it worked for me. I'm sorry I can't really say anything else because I am still trying to figure it out. I'm truly waiting for Monday's class so I can get some clarity! Hope everyone had a nice weekend and don't forget to BOB because the test is soon. For the next scribe, I choose Remyshire.

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