Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bob ing

Okay the unit of logarithms is finally over. I would say that I got maybe 30-40% of the work. All that stuff we did in the beginning i can do pretty easily [or at least i think i can]. The laws, and exponential equations shouldn't be too troublesome. Graphing, and Natural Logarithms [ln] are murky. Not really muddy but its a blur. This is maybe another 30-40% of the unit test? The Word problems which i think is 20-40% of our mark is so so to me. I mean i can remember the formulas for compound interest A=P(1+R/N)^NT and the A=Pe^RT without much trouble. The problem is i don't know where to use which one and even if i did I doubt I would be able to plug in the right numbers for each variable.

Well I hope that my Bob on this unit. If i guesses are correct on how much effects each part is worth than I am in some hot water...

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