Thursday, November 1, 2007


Trigonometric identities is easier than I thought what it is about. I find this easier to understand because its mostly about algebra and stuff. The parts I have hard time is memorizing all the "equation" things. I know mr. K. is doing a good job helping us to momorize all those things but i kinda sometimes get them mixed up and all. I have no idea why I get them mixed up but I usually do and I just remember it when the time is up in doing the work like probably 5 seconds before we hand it things I will remeber what to do. Anyways, I guess my weakness is memorizing things, I kind of tend to forget things easily now than before. Anyways, uhmm I guess thats what my weaknes point is memorizing but the rest as long as I remember what to do and the identities I guess I'm doing a pretty good job at the rest. Well, I guess that's all I have to say, since I need to look at those identities again to memorize it again. Good luck classmates. I hope the test won't be so hard. XD :p

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