Monday, November 19, 2007


I only have one thing to say about Logarithms, EUGH. A big ugly grunt because there's just so many ways you can go about solving just one problem. And because there's so many ways I tend to forget the order of operations and my algebra is off. What I noticed to be difficult for me was solving problems with polynomials as powers because sometimes I'm not sure if I should take the anti log or try to solve it the way it is. I don't like the change of base law either, I wasn't there for that lesson and I tend to get lost now and then. I know how to apply it but I'm still not sure why it works. We discussed it a few times, however it just doesn't seem to stick. The most difficult part is solving word problems. There's different kinds of formulas and I know how to use them it's just sometimes I don't know when to use them and why that one would be a better formula to use as a opposed to a different one.
That's about all the problems I have for the unit Logarithms. Everything else I understood and hope that I remember everything for the test. Wish everyone luck and practice hard.

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