Sunday, November 18, 2007

Logarithms BOB

Okay, so here's the deelios, I'm not exactly sure if the test is on Monday or not but I was told that it could most likely be on Monday so I will now write this blogging on blogging blog. Logarithms seemed really short for some reason but that's because many things occurred throughout this unit and what I mean by that is I had extra curricular activities going on during the times we had classes and I apologize for that. One thing to really remember though is that logarithms are exponents and I myself forget that time to time and then you end up getting a brain malfunction and you wouldn't be able to answer certain questions if that doesn't sink in your head, but I mean it is kinda hard to remember. Aside from that, if the half life questions are on the test then that's what people should watch out for because if they don't get the hang of it, then it gets tricky, because there are a few equatioPublish Postns you need to understand and use, and it applies the log function and the ln function so it does get tricky. Anyway good luck to all and may you all pass with flying colors in the next test.

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