Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blogging On Blogging AKA BOB

We were talking about exactly what sort of post you're supposed to make to get that one blogging mark on your test. The kind of post I'd like you to make should have one or more of these characteristics:

  • Write about what you understand the least in the unit so far; your personal "Muddiest Point."

  • A reflection on a particular class.

  • A reflective comment on your progress in the course.

  • A comment on something that you've learned that you thought was "cool".

  • A comment about something that you found very hard to understand but now you get it! Describe what sparked that "moment of clarity" and what it felt like.

  • Have you come across something we discussed in class out there in the "real world" or another class? Describe the connection you made.

Your posts do not have to be long. I'm far more interested in the quality of what you write rather than the quantity.

Make certain you always use 3 labels on your post: [your name], [unit tag], BOB

When you share where you are in your learning a few days before the unit test I can address those issues in class so, hopefully, you will get much more than one extra mark on the test. ;-)

Happy Blogging!

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