Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stretches & Compressions, A Video Lesson

A student emailed me who was having trouble understanding this lesson. I recorded this video minutes afterwards. It took me a while to compress it and get it published online. This was the first time I've ever done this. I learned a few things I would do differently to improve it next time. Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. ;-)

The video is 16 minutes and 20 seconds long. After watching this you should be able to do almost all the questions in exercises #8 and #9.

Two things: For some reason the video is about 12 seconds ahead of the audio. Also, at one point I misspoke and described y=f(-x) as a reflection over the x-axis. That's not right, it's a reflection over the y-axis. Everything else I said about that transformation is correct.

Here's the Google video ...

A lot of the video quality was lost. There's a better (not best) version here. Click that link to see a much better quality video.

A nice thing about video ... you can [pause] [rewind] [repeat] as often as you like until you "get it." Nonetheless, feel free to ask questions ... in the comments to this post or when I see you on Monday.

You may also find these links helpful ...

All about vertical reflections

And you can find a tutorial and interactive java applet here to review and learn all about vertical and horizontal stretches, compressions and reflections.

Let me know which link you liked the best. ;-)

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