Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Circular function...

Our class today started with these things. Its somewhat a review and a new lesson i think.

Then after that, we did a mental math about the radian things.
Then we answered the following question. Where mr. k told us about the real number things which is related to our homework located at the bottom of the picture.

Well anyways. i think i covered everything. nd I think some or more will be confused about my post because i didnt really explained everything thoroughly. Its just that its hard for me too to expalin it. And I kinda dont want to write long things. It just wont seem like the summary of what we did today it'll be more of an essay of some sort. Well thats probably it, and i hope my post help some people even though its soo late and too simple. and uhmm HOMEWORK is EX. 5 all of it. 1-20 i mean. and the next blogger will be MICHELLE S.

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