Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Circular Functions

Hey guys, sorry for the really late post. Today, we started class by answering these three questions:

For the second half of class we had mental math. We then learned how to plot sine and cosine functions onto a graph which pretty much took the whole period.
The basic sine function: y = sin (x). Even though the sine and cosine graph looks the same, they have different starting points. But, this could easy be changed if cosine was to be shifted either to the left or right by half of pi.

3 sin 4(x - 8) + 5
the distance between the min/max value from the average value
compresses/stretches the graph
x-value shifts left/right; if negative, shifts right. if positive, shifts left
y-value shifts upwards/downwards; if negative, shifts downwards. if positive, shifts up.

Tomorrow, we will continue with what we learned today, but Mr. K will further explain the function of cosine. Sorry, if this wasn't much help. I don't really understand the whole function graph thing yet, but Mr. K will continue where we left off today so it's all good. Oh and sorry i didn't post up a graph to show my function of sine.

HOMEWORK: one slide down :] questions (a) through (f) ; sketch graph.

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