Monday, September 17, 2007

Unit Circle

Hello! Today, as usual, Mr. K gave us questions to answer. Here they are:

Then, we did a little mental math after that.

For the afternoon class, we started off with mental math, again. Btw. make sure that you also memorized not only sine and cosine values but also tangent values! He shared some of his memory tricks. Mr. K says that we are having mental math everyday this week! Again, he gave us questions:

The next set of questions are similar but not the same. For the next set of questions, you may see the same numbers. However, for those questions, you must find the value of either sine, cosine, or tangent.

Remeber to always write your answers IN RADIANS! not degree!
Uhm... i think that pretty much covered the whole two classes we had today? Mr. K just basically explained again about how tangent = sine over cosine.

For homework, make sure that you have exercise 4 # 1 - 10 finished for tomorrow.
If i missed anything or made a mistake, i'm really sorry, and feel free to comment and inform me =) please and thank you!!! And remember, we have mental math tomorrow, so again, make sure you know COSINE, SINE, AND TANGENT VALUES OF THE UNIT CIRCLE!!

Anyways, to conclude... the next scribe is ... REMYSHIRE =)

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