Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Last Minute BoB

VERY late Bob post and there is a perfectly good reason for this...which i have no business typing out here. Anyways on to the BOB!

The unit was quick. Just as we were learning the stuff and you think you got it all what should happen? He pulls combinatorics out of nowhere! COMBINATORICS! I seen that and was saying to my self "What in the H - E Double Hockeysticks was going on"

I guess the thing that gave me the most trouble was the the type of questions where we were given one of the probabilites then told to find what was the chance it was from the previous event. Like yesterdays pretest...we were told that john was late for class (or was it on time?) then asked to find what were the chances he brought his lunch. Those kind of questions were giving me quite a bit of trouble.

For a day or so i didn't understand the mutually exculsive idea, but it was soon resolved. I hope that i can just remember for the upcoming test.

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